What to Do with Water Damaged Hard Drive

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lunes 04 de enero de 2021, 16:37h

A hard drive is the top part of a computer device. We gather our information and put it in this device. Accidentally sometimes, our machine is hampered by the water. Water might damage our internal data on the hard drive if we applied some wrong methods. Don't despair about your hard drive for the first time. The information on the hard drive can recover with some easy steps. Follow our tips and quickly apply them to your hard drive before it damages totally.

Types of Drive

There are three types of hard drives we found in the market- 1. Mechanical hard disk drive (HDD), solid-state drive (SSD), and M.2

A mechanical hard drive is quite old, and it isn't easy to recover. On the other hand, SSD and M.2 have almost the same types of the hard disk. SSD and M.2 are made the same as our mobile memory instruments. So if you are going to buy a new pc or laptop, you should go for an SSD or M.2 hard drive.

6 Tips About Water Damaged Hard Drive

Clean with the clear water

Clean hard drive with clear water, seriously? Yes, it is the first step as first aid medicine. You need to wash out sands and other obstacles from your device with cold clear water.

Unplug from the electricity

As soon as possible you have to remove the hard disk plug from electricity or detach it from your computer. It will cause a short-circuit on the total device.

Don't use any types of water dryer

Do not use a hairdryer on your hard drive. Excessive heat can damage your data. Remember, water is not a vital issue for your device until you plug it in the electricity. But if the device becomes excessive heat, then it is more dangerous than water.

Don't leave the protective cover

Protective cover saves your drive from airborne dust that can cling to the platters. Don't try to see inside of the cover. If you tear off your protective cover, water can easily approach your driver's platters and damage data.

Seal the hard drive into a Ziplock bag

After doing all steps, you need to put the hard drive in a ziplock bag. Why a ziplock bag? If the water dried inside of the drive is more difficult to recover data.

Don't give your hard drive to a little knowledge computer expert

In the case of our natural habit, we often go to our brother-in-law to solve our computer problems. But this time, it is going to be harmful to your hard drive data. To recover a hard drive, you have to be an expert. If you have proper experience and equipment, then you should go for recovering it. Otherwise, it would help if you went to the hard drive data recovery service center.


A hard drive is an expensive part of a computer. It is expensive, not for the price, for the valuable data. We need to be aware of water and dust and try to protect ourselves the best way from them. Buying a new hard drive is not a big deal, but the big deal is fetching back your lost data.

If you follow the steps in this passage, then we are hopeful about your data. But there is no guarantee of your hard drive. To protect your hard drive from these kinds of accidents as much as possible.

Buy a waterproof laptop bag for your laptop and try to give a wooden shelter in your desktop CPU. Don't panic, be a guard for your computer and protect it from accidents.

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